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Download the full source code of TheBeerHouse
Marco Bellinaso has just released the full source code for TheBeerHouse, the website used as a sample project for his latest book "ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming". Download the ASP.NET 2.0 and C# code and learn for a real-world example how to implement features such as e-commerce, polls, articles management, forums, newsletters, account administration, user-selectable themes & skins, localized pages, webparts, and much more!
The most complete best practice checklist for .NET developers
Download a 30-page Word document with a list of 700+ guidelines and best practices for VB.NET and C# developers. Edit the list to match your preferences and coding style, delete or add more rules as you see fit, and use the checklist against your latest .NET project. (Requires registration.)
The comeback !
If you're reading this you already realized that we have completely renovated the .NET-2-The-Max site. We have a new layout, new material, and new blogs.

In the new dotnet2themax.com site, Marco Bellinaso and I - and whoever will join us later - will be telling our discoveries in the .NET fields we are more familiar with, such as VB.NET and C# languages, programming techniques, ASP.NET, Windows Forms, Sharepoint, and optimization techniques. We will update our blogs as frequently as possible, publish code samples and articles, upload our tools, and anything we think can be useful or interesting for you developers there in the wild.

-- Francesco Balena

Read more on my first blog post.

Our Books

ASP.NET 2.0 Website Programming
Learn how to build a professional and complex website with the new edition of this best-selling book from Wrox Press, completely rewritten from scratch to take advantage of all new ASP.NET 2.0 features & controls.
Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 2005: The Language
The new edition of the best seller "Programming Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2003," updated to .NET 2.0. The best reference you can find anywhere on VB 2005.
Practical Guidelines and Best Practices for Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual C# Developers
A unique collection of 700+ guidelines for writing more robust, efficient, secure, and reusable .NET applications, with many examples and a clear explanation of when a rule is valid and when it isn't.
Applied Microsoft .NET Framework Programming in Visual Basic .NET
The VB.NET version of best seller by J.Richter, with all samples converted to Visual Basic and new sections added.
Programming Microsoft Visual Basic .NET 2003
The new edition of the "Programming Microsoft Visual Basic .NET" top-seller, updated to VB 2003 and .NET Framework 1.1. It contains five new chapters and includes the electronic searchable version on the CD-ROM.

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Samples & Tools

MsgHookX, a VB6 DLL for efficient subclassing
An ActiveX DLL that enables VB6 developers to subclass any window in the current application.
Spell Checker for VS.NET 2005 Version 1.0 Add-in C#VB
This Visual Studio 2005 add-in provides a multi-language spell checker for your comments and string literals. It supports C#, VB.NET, C/C++, C++.NET, J#, HTML, XML, Java, and other text-based files. You can also customize it to spell check other types of files or programming languages like scripts and batch files.
SafeMailLink HttpModule C#VB
An HttpModule that encodes the "mailto:" links found on the HTML generated by ASP.NET pages, to prevent the action of SPAM-bot software. Links with parameters that pre-fill the mail's subject and body fields are also supported and encoded correctly. Full C# source code included.
LaunchInSandBox: running an application in a partially trusted environment
The LaunchInSandBox utility is a Console application that lets you run an executable in a sandboxed, partially trusted environment with a limited set of CAS permissions. Full VB.NET source code included.
Spell Checker for VS.NET 2003 Add-in (v. 2.0) C#VB
This freeware Visual Studio 2003 add-in provides a multi-language spell checker for your comments and string literals. Without setting any options it knows how to spell check C#, VB.NET, C/C++, C++.NET, J#, HTML, XML, Java, and other text-based files. It works on the selected code or on the entire current file or project, and has many other options.

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Two chapters from Francesco's new VB2005 book
Visit the "Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 2005: The language" home page and download two chapters on generics and reflection.
700+ guidelines and best practices Checklist
Use this Word document to check that your next .NET project is as sound and optimized as it can be.
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YART - Yet Another Regex Tester (by Francesco Balena)
I know, I know, there are soooo many regular expression tester tools available on the 'Net, but I couldn't help cre...
Great news about TheBeerHouse (by Marco Bellinaso)
I'm proud to announce that TheBeerHouse, the website that I built as a sample project for the book "ASP.NET 2.0 Web...
Two sample chapters from "Programming Microsoft Visual C# 2005: The Base Class Library" (by Francesco Balena)
My new C# book has been released a few months ago, but I was so busy with my everyday activities that I didn't even...
New errata document for "Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 2005: The Language" (by Francesco Balena)
At last I found the time to sort all the notes from readers, pointing at typos and mistakes in my VB2005 book, and ...
Book giveaway: the winners (by Marco Bellinaso)
My editor has just approved the addresses of the five people that I've randomly picked from those who partecipated ...
Hurry up with your submissions (by Marco Bellinaso)
The book giveaway contest is having a very good response, and I've already received many dozens of submissions. Bec...
Book giveaway! (by Marco Bellinaso)
My great acquisitions editor at Wrox, Jim Minatel, just wrote me an e-mail saying he has no less than 5 copies of ...
An excerpt from Chapter 12: Pre-compiling the Site (by Marco Bellinaso)
If you deploy the site by copying all the files (including the source code), the pages and the source code fi...
How many instances are running? (by Francesco Balena)
Visual Basic 6's App object exposes a useful property named PrevInstance, which allows you to determine whether the...
"Programming Microsoft Visual C# 2005 : The Base Class Library" is here (by Francesco Balena)
I have been so bus...
An excerpt from Chapter 11: Using Page Level Resources (by Marco Bellinaso)
You can create page-level resources by creating resource files just as you do for global resources, but placi...
Frozen forms for flickering-free updates (by Francesco Balena)
Yesterday I got an email from reader Claudio Fontana, with the following, deceiptively simple request: how can you ...
An excerpt from Chapter 10: Developing Web Parts (by Marco Bellinaso)
As mentioned earlier, a Web Part can be developed as a user control (which is like a partial page, with marku...
Avoiding API calls in Windows Forms controls (by Francesco Balena)
Many, if not most, Windows Forms samples you can find on the 'net include one or more calls to unmanaged code in Wi...
MsgHookX DLL is available online (again) (by Francesco Balena)
MsgHookX is an ActiveX DLL that allows VB6 developers to perform safe and efficient intra-applicaton subclassing. (...
Dropping portions of VB6 code during the migration to VB.NET (by Francesco Balena)
I am working at the migration of a large VB6 project and at one point I needed to drop a few methods in the VB6 app...
An excerpt from Chapter 7: Creating and Sending E-mails (by Marco Bellinaso)
The System.Net.Mail namespace defined in the System.dll assembly contains all the classes used to send e-ma...
An excerpt from Chapter 5: Final Touches – Friendly URLs with URL mappings (by Marco Bellinaso)
The more meaningful and short a URL can be, the better. Those URLs are easier to communicate to people, and easi...
An excerpt from Chapter 4: Setting Up and Using User Profiles (by Marco Bellinaso)
In the ASP.NET 1.x days, if you wanted to associate a profile to a registered user, you typically added a cus...
A 2nd excerpt from Chapter 3: Transaction Management (by Marco Bellinaso)
A very important issue you must tackle when designing a business layer is how you plan to manage transactions. M...
The source code for TheBeerHouse is available! (by Marco Bellinaso)
Wow, I just got from Wrox the permission to publish on this site the entire source code for the TheBeerHouse websit...
An excerpt from Chapter 3: Caching Data for Better Performance (by Marco Bellinaso)
In every site or web-based application there is some data that doesn’t change very often, which is requested very f...
The Books page got updated, at last! (by Marco Bellinaso)
I just updated the My Books page, which was just empty until now. You can read a detailed description of the book, ...
An excerpt from Chapter 2: Enter the Master Page Model (by Marco Bellinaso)
After a long time of silence, starting with this entry I'm going to post on this blog a number of excerpts from my ...
A utility to rename files with regexes (by Francesco Balena)
I am reorganizing my MP3 collection and found that I needed to rename a large quantity of files. Of course, there a...
Source code and samples for "Programming VB2005" book (by Francesco Balena)
A few minutes ago I made all the code samples for Programming Microsoft Visual Basic 2005: The Language available o...
Generic enough to be useful (by Francesco Balena)
The longer I work with generics, the more I like them, and I continue to discover new ways to simplify my code by u...

What has changed in .NET 2.0?
Check out was was removed, changed and added...online! For example, here are the new generic collection classes

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